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SKU #2-1102764

Adventure Explorer - SUP Touring

Three board sizes: 

  • 10'0" x 31" - 198 ltr. (recommended for paddlers up to 90kg)
  • 11'0" x 32" - 235 ltr. (90 - 125kg)
  • 12'0" x 33" - 275 ltr. (extra stable for heavier paddlers or for adding gear)

The Adventure Paddleboarding Explorer 2, in premium CX construction, is a multi-purpose flat water SUP that’s ideal for paddlers who like recreational touring, fitness training, and cruising on lakes and inland waterways. These boards offer the possibility to paddle faster and further without the hassle (and expense) of a raceboard design.

DESIGN: Updated with extra width and volume to increase stability and provide more speed and distance per stroke. Full rails keep the board sitting high on the water for easy touring and long exploratory missions on flat water.

FEATURES: Cavity carry handle, cushioning deck traction, and perimeter lanyard plugs for creating both forward and aft storage zones. These plugs also make it easy to convert the board into a utility SUP that’ll take all your fishing and touring gear along for the ride. The custom touring fin provided has a square outline with full tip that produces nice start-up acceleration and glide, while maintaining a high distance-to-stroke ratio.

PERFORMANCE: The chop-piercing displacement hull and narrow nose cuts through the water and softens chatter in bumpier conditions. While incredibly stable through the middle, the tapered tail helps retain the glide and flow of a more streamlined race board, and also aids with pivoting and making directional changes.


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