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The Creatures Journey started in 1972 when a young John Malloy put his roots down in Yallingup, Western Australia after hitching his way from Los Angeles. In the 4 years that followed his move, he and a mate developed the world’s first urethane surf leash with injection parts to tackle the powerful local waves. That venture sparked a passion for designing and developing surf accessories that continues to this day.

After 30 years our core motivation remains the same: To further enhance the surfing experience through products of integrity and genuine innovation.

Yallingup, Western Australia is still the home and testing ground for Creatures of Leisure products. Located on Western Australia’s wave-rich South West coast, Yallingup and its surrounds has bred some of the world’s best surfers for several generations. It’s the perfect place to test surfing accessories. None of the Creatures products hit the market without being given a thorough workout in these waves by their staff and sponsored riders or further afield by members of their international surf team.

Their mission is simple. Better your experience in the water by making surf accessories that are built for the future.