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SUPcentre is one of the few Stand Up Paddle Rental operations in Auckland that allows Independent Rentals. Independent Rentals allow you to take a Rental Stand Up Paddle Board away to a location of your choice. You, friends and family to spend an exciting day or weekend away at a beach, estuary or lake of your choosing.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will not only provide you with an introduction on setting the board up for the first time but also a brief lesson on how to paddle, tie the board on to the roof of your vehicle, and adjust your paddle for your height. If you don't have a roof rack we can provide a Soft Top Rack for a small charge or possibly consider an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Rental. We can also give you some ideas on where some of the best paddling conditions will be in the coming days.

With some helpful tips and one of our favourite local beaches saved in your google maps you’ll be on your way to getting started or enjoying another fun day on the water with your mates.

All our rentals boards come with a paddle and leash.

We have free parking right outside SUPcentre, 20 Melrose Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

Contact us for availability or to book your Stand Up Paddle Board Rental.