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NAISH Wing Foil


The Sport of Wing foiling has taken the world by storm. However, knowing where to start – such as which wing foil board is for you - can be tricky.

If you want some help with what wing foiling gear you need to get started, the team at SUPcentre can get you headed in the right direction. We can help point you to the best wing foil board in NZ, foils and wings to get you going.

Alternatively if you need a new wing, front foil or mast we have a great range of Naish Foils, Axis Foils, Ensis Foils and Sic Foils on hand. We also have some fantastic wing foiling board packages and all the safety gear and foiling boards accessories you need.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are also too happy to answer any questions regarding wing foil boards. So, please feel free to call us today.