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Grip surface for kayak surfskis and SUP paddles. This grip surface is the best we could find. It gives a very nice and distinct grip on the paddle and does not become slippery when it gets wet or sweaty. Durability is significantly better than hockey tape. It actually lasts longer than any other grip tape we tested and sold before. If you are looking for the best grip tape: here it is.

The length is enough for 2 paddles if you mount it one-sided (or on SUP paddles) and for one paddle if you mount it on both sides. If you like to have a paddle grip on both sides (for wing paddles), we recommend our Dietz Paddle Grip instead. It is minimally harder, which allows for easier rotation in the palm of your hand.


If you mount the VMG Dragon Grip on a wing paddle on the side where the split-joint is located, remove the locking lever (by unscrewing it) and pull the hose over the pitch. Hold over a heat gun and rotate the shaft at a steady speed. Use fairly high heat and only a short time, so the heat goes to the grip band and not to the shaft.



  • Provides a secure grip on the paddle

  • Shrink hose mounted with heat gun

  • When mounted, it only shrinks in width, not in length

  • Can be easily cut to the desired length

  • Easy to remove without leaving traces on the paddle



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