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Naish Wing-Surfer

Naish Wing-Surfer

Naish has recently launched the Naish Wing-Surfer. An inflatable hand-held sail, the Wing-Surfer is not here to replace kiteboarding or windsurfing. It’s an addition to the current watersports equipment you own, be it a Stand Up Paddle Board, Windsurfer, Foil Board or Longboard that you already have in your garage.

Hand-held wings have been around for a number of years. Various forms have been created, most were originally based on hang-glider wings or windsurf sails.

The equipment is simple and has no rigging element to it, no lines, bars, booms or masts. Basically you unpack it, inflate and head to the water.

It comes as a single size at this stage, 4.0 m2. Enough to power you in sheltered bays, estuaries and relatively calm ocean conditions. Although you’ll need around 12 knots of wind to get a foil board up. What is more exciting to us is the fact it can be used on a regular stand up paddle board, old windsurfer or even a Longboard you may have lying around.

On those afternoons when the wind gets up to 5 – 10 knots and Stand Up Paddling becomes difficult. Then the Wing-Surfer will become the fun and entertaining addition to your board. Enabling you to go upwind and downwind. The Wing-Surfer will allow you to make more use of your board.

The Wing-Surfer is not an ideal way to enter foiling. If you’ve never foiled, learn to do it first before trying to wing-surfing.

“The Wing-Surfer is not designed to replace Windsurfing or Kitesurfing. You may not sail as fast, jump as high, or hit the lip as hard.... But there is beauty in the simplicity... and enough potential on the performance, accessibility and thrill side of things to make it an absolute blast and a great addition / compliment / alternative to these wonderful sports". - Robby Naish

There are a limited number of Naish Wing-Surfers due to arrive in New Zealand in July. If your keen to get your hands on one of these then give us a call 09 520 3366.

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