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How To Extend The Life Of Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

How To Extend The Life Of Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


Taking some practical steps in the day to day care of your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will not only extend the life of your board but will also save you from expensive repair bills. All Stand Up Paddle Boards, Inflatable or Epoxy, need to be taken care of. Treat them harshly and they will have a short unloved life, and more than likely end up in a landfill. So without further ado here’s our top five tips to extend the life of your Inflatable SUP Board.


  1. Clean Your Board Regularly

The majority of New Zealanders live within a short drive of the beach. With the main location of use of our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards is the Ocean. With this in mind we suggest that you wash down your board with a small amount of biodegradable dish washing liquid. Ideally rinse your board first, then using a soft bristle brush gently wash the deck and bottom of your board. Finally rinse once more and allow board to dry out of the sun before you either pack away or store undercover. Cleaning will stop the growth of bacteria which will breakdown glue and the outer layer of the board.

During this process remember to remove your fin and rinse out the fin box area also. Rinse the fin and screw in freshwater and dry before putting away.


  1. Watch for Heat and Direct Sunlight over Extended Periods

The New Zealand Sun is one of the harshest in the World. Anything left to bake in the summer sun normally fades and breaks down rapidly. Inflatable Paddleboards are subject to the harmful rays of the Sun. Leaving your board on the front of your boat will half its lifespan, as will leaving it stored outside beside the Bach during the summer months. Ideally your board should be stored away out of direct sunlight. In a garage, gear locker or rolled up and put in its storage bag.

If at the beach on a warm sunny day, we advise that you lower the boards PSI level by at least 5-10 psi. As temperature increase and the air inside your boat heats it will expand. You will need to provide room for it to expand in to. An increase in pressure will result in a board putting increased strain of the seams of the board. This may cause the boards seam to split.

Some brands such as Red Paddle Co now offer a UV Bag that you can store your inflated board in for protection. Ideally it is suited for short stints on a boat or such like. It isn’t meant as long term solution.