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Salt Gypsy & GSI Launch Women's Surfboard Range

Salt Gypsy

What started as creating surf leggings for friends back in 2012 has grown into a successful clothing brand for Danielle Clayton. Originally from New Zealand, Danielle now resides in Australia where she heads up the brand Salt Gypsy. Salt Gypsy® is a Women’s sustainable Surf Wear clothing company. 

Recently Salt Gypsy® teamed up with the crew from Global Surf Industries to create a range of Women’s specific Surfboards. The outcome was three distinct models. 



  1. The Dusty – Longboard



The Dusty is a retro style Longboard. Made to catch waves easily, trim and glide effortlessly. It is not designed to be a performance longboard, however it does have some nose concave, allowing the more adventurous a chance to slip five over the front. The Dusty comes in two sizes 8’6” and 9’1”.

Shop Salt Gypsy Dusty 8'6" Online Now!

Shop Salt Gypsy Dusty 9'0" Online Now!


  1. Mid Tide – Mid Length




The Mid Tide is a versatile every day board. It’s your one board quiver that lets you surf just about any type waves. The Mid Tide comes in a wide range of sizes making it ideal for the more petite girls. Again think easy paddling, great stability and smooth drawn out lines.

Shop Salt Gypsy Midtide 6'8" Online Now!

Shop Salt Gypsy Midetide 7'0" Online Now!



  1. Shorebird



The Shorebird is the true essence of the twin fin, it feels fast, loose and has lots of forward drive. This twin fin surfboard is a great option for the ladies because the absence of the centre fin reduces drag considerably therefore it’s easier to generate down-the-line speed. The pivoting capabilities of the twin will also make for smooth, effortless turning in small to medium size waves.

Shop Salt Gypsy Shorebird 5'8" Online Now!

Shop Salt Gypsy Shorebird 5'11" Online Now!



So if you’re thinking about getting in to surfing or want to upgrade your existing board then we suggest checking out these new boards from Salt Gypsy® to find out more or to pre-order a board today either call us at 09 520 3366 or email us at





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