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Black/Blue, 80"
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The Maliko Standard and Maliko Slim feature a new blade shape with a shorter and wider (LAR) shape than the Battle. This paddle is excellent for all-around racing, recreation, surfing, and SUP foiling. The Maliko is offered in both standard and slim shaft, ensuring a great fit for any paddler. This shaft is also a bit softer than the Battle and is gentler on your shoulders, which is essential for people who paddle often and for those who like to paddle longer distances. The non-slip texture on the shaft and grip will give both comfort and grip while paddling hard. The CTL shaft and Ergo2 T-Grip will allow you to cut to the perfect length and paddle comfortably. The shaft is compatible with both SIC's Ergo2 CTL grip and Lever Lock adjustable grip.

SIC's 2021 collection of paddles was developed from the ground up. The ultimate goal was to create the perfect, comprehensive range to suit all paddlers from the most elite in the world, like those men and women on the SIC team, recreational fitness, beginners, and youth paddlers. From top to bottom, the SIC paddle range utilizes a wide variety of materials offering a multitude of flexes, blade shapes, and grip options. We are confident that you will find the perfect paddle for you in this extensive range.

SIC paddles are available in various blade sizes and materials to give maximum performance, function, and strength. The higher-end Carbon and fiberglass blades feature an ABS tip protection, sandwiched between the carbon layers to improve overall strength and durability. The thermoplastic blades offer an affordable and durable option for beginners, clubs, and schools.

For 2021, SIC introduce a newly designed standard diameter shaft that covers the majority of paddlers. This is offered in a variety of flexes, from firm to soft. New for 2021 is this all-new slim shaft, designed for women paddlers/smaller hands and anyone who prefers a thinner shaft.

This cut-to-length (CTL) paddles come with ergonomic hollow 3K Carbon blow-molded T-grip handles, which get glued in after the rider has cut the shaft to the desired length. This adjust-to-fit (ATF) paddles come with a 6" adjustable Lever Lock handle, which allows the rider to cut the shaft to the shortest desired length while still adjusting the length when needed. All CTL paddles are compatible with the ATF system. As long as the CTL shafts are compatible, you can cut off your glued in handle and then replace it with a Lever Lock (ATF) handle instead.


BLADE SIZES 80 AND 90 SQ. INCHES - With a Low Aspect Ratio (LAR - shorter and wider than Battle). Shape made of 100% 3k carbon prepreg, ABS, PU core

SUPER-LIGHT BLADE - For all-around racing, recreation, surfing, and SUP foiling

STANDARD DIAMETER SHAFT - For a traditional paddling feel in hand

3K CARBON ERGO2 T-GRIP - Provide both comfort and grip while paddling hard

COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH ERGO2 GRIP OR LEVER LOCK ADJUSTABLE GRIP (26 MM - LL SOLD SEPARATELY) - Lightest weight or maximum adjustability - 6"/15.2cm or


Code: 105426

Model: Maliko

Shaft Material: 100% prepreg 3K Carbon

Paddle Grip: 3K Carbon ergo2 T-Grip

Shaft Type: Round

Shaft Flex: 40mm flex

Adjusting system: Cut to lenght (CTL)

Paddle Weight: 2 lbs / 450 gr

Paddle Length: 220

Blade width: 7.3'' / 186 mm

Country of manufacture: China

Paddle Material: 100% Carbon

Shaft length: 87" / 221 cm

Shaft diameter: 28 mm

Blade material: 100% 3K Carbon prepreg

Blade angle: 10°

Blade Area: 80in² / 516 cm²

Blade length: 17.6'' / 448 mm


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