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Damaged your board? No need to worry, we know a guy!  

Yep, we know a guy who can make your board look like near new again. Well almost. He can repair anything from a small impact ding through to a creased or snapped board. 

Drop your board in to us at SUPcentre, we’ll get it taken to the repair shop and then bring it back to our shop ready to pick up. Drop your board off by Friday afternoon and we will organise to place your board in the queue Monday morning for repair and have it back to you by Saturday morning, dependant on the type of repair required. Full snaps and crease may require more time. 

We also have a number of paddle replacement parts for Paddles on hand in store. Bring in your paddle and leave it with us, we will see what we can do to get your back on the water. 

We also have the ability to insert Tuttle Boxes and Dual Chinook Fin boxes ready to accept a Foil. Feel free to contact us and discuss options. 

Protect the Planet and make that board last a little longer before replacing!