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The Critical Slide Society Fun Guy Soft Top 9'1"

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SKU #10-1111062

The Critical Slide Society Fun Guy Soft Top 9'1"



The Epoxy Soft construction makes the Fun Guy is a magical board to surf offering a smooth ride for every skill level. This model is classified as a fun board which is fitting in the sense that it will paddle superior to others in the line up, feel comfortable under your feet & gather speed easily too, hence increasing the fun when taking the fun Guy for a paddle.

There is a performance element to this model to however, single/double concave for speed & moderate rockers through out to give you the option of turning in more critical parts of the wave. Don’t let the soft exterior fool you this board will take you where ever you want to go on a wave.

OUTLINE: Classified as a fun shape, the outline is full and generous from nose to tail providing maximum stability on small to medium size waves. The rounded nose keeps the area up front and allows the rider to comfortably shift their weight forward. The slight taper through the tail lets you manoeuvre the board with ease.

ROCKER: Low, relaxed rocker makes this board paddle onto waves really well, accelerate from the take off with minimal effort, and allow for flowing turns on the face of the wave.

CONTOURS: Vee-to-double concave bottom makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions and offers control when driving off the tail.

FOIL: Designed with plenty of volume in the nose and tail, and out towards the rails, which provides added stability and makes this board simple to ride for surfers transitioning from the wastewater to unbroken waves.

FINS: Fitted a two plus one set up. with FCS II side plugs makes installing and removing fins quick and convenient. that’s easy to ride and control.



NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level








21 1/2"

2 3/4"

47ltr (132 beers)

6" Center / FCSII quad rears

60kg  +


21 1/2"

2 7/8"

53ltr (149 beers)

6" Center / FCSII quad rears

70kg  +




61ltr (171 beers)

6" Center / FCSII quad rears



22 3/4"

3 3/8"

78ltr (219 beers)

7" Center / FCSII quad rears

All Weights




Epoxy Soft Construction

The Epoxy Soft Construction is a real game changer in the soft surfboard market. When you break it down it's a multi layer construction that comprises of a PE deck skin that is supported by a thin wood veneer layer that is housing a epoxy resin and fibreglass wrapped machine shaped EPS core. The bottom layer is a High Density PE skin. When you add it all up it gives a high level of performance with a fun soft board feel.

Board Contours

Single Double Vee


Full Rail

Surfer Skill Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Wave Height



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