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Where can I Stand Up Paddle Board?

You can paddle board pretty much anywhere there is a good body of water. Lakes, rivers, beaches – there are even youtube videos of guys practicing their skills in swimming pools. When choosing a spot to paddle you should be weary of tide, wind direction and how much sunlight you have left.

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Lifejackets are now compulsory in the Waikato region of NZ. Currently you don’t have to wear one in the Auckland area by law but use common sense – if you are going long distance paddling, wear a leash and a PFD. Many PFD suppliers are making small inflatable lifejackets that will come in handy if you are separated from your board.

What are SUP’s made of?

SUP’s are made of a composite construction. The core of the board is lightweight EPS foam. This is then wrapped in several layers of fiberglass. Boards also have wood or fiberglass stringers, which run the length of the board. This is all then wrapped in an epoxy shell.

Some boards look like wood, which is a thin veneer for aesthetics.  

Can I rent a board?

Yes you can. We rent boards for $50 a day - this includes a paddle and a leash.

Do you repair SUP’s?

Yes, bring your board in for us to assess. We will then give you an indication of price and estimated time of completion.

How do I transport a SUP?

Depending on the size of the board – on your car, in your car, under your arm or on a SUP buggie. We sell both soft racks and Thule roofracks and can help attach these to your vehicle.

Do I need a wetsuit?

If you are SUP surfing and the water or wind is a little cold it is a good idea to wear a wetsuit but generally for flat-water paddling you aren’t in the water much. We recommend some board shorts and a breeze breaker.





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