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Protect Yourself From Surfers Ear

Surfers Ear

Surfers ear (otherwise known as “exostoses”) is a condition where the ear canal is narrowed by bone which grows slowly in the ear canal over a long period of time. The bone grows in lumps, which form bulges, behind which water may be trapped. The new bone growth is stimulated by exposure to cold water and cold air. Surfers ear is common in such climes as New Zealand due to our colder winter - water temperatures.

Given enough time to cold water exposure, the bony lumps (known as exostoses) may eventually completely close the ear canal off.

Water gets stuck in the ear, those affected may need to shake their heads or hop vigorously to clear the ear canals.

Ear canal infections may become increasingly common as the exostoses grow. Usually they follow exposure to cold water.

Reduced hearing is an uncommon problem, however the hearing may be temporarily affected when the ears are infected.

Exostoses can be managed by protecting the ears from cold water exposure using ear plugs such as the SURF EARS 2.0 and/or a NEOPRENE HOOD. This may slow down the growth of the exostoses.

If the exostoses are causing persisting problems with ear water blockage or ear infection, it is advisable to seek professional medical advice. 

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