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4 Tips For Choosing Your First Stand Up Paddle Board

1. Ensure the board will be stable

As a general rule when buying your first SUP you want the boards volume in litres to be double your weight in kg’s. For example if you weigh 80kg the board should be 160 litres or above to ensure stability.

2. Have an idea of what sort of paddling you want to get into

Stand Up Paddle Boarding covers a wide spectrum, there are boards for touring the Hauraki Gulf, boards for kids to play around on at Takapuna, boards that will surf West Coast waves, boards to race on at Mission Bay, and all round boards that will do a bit of everything on the Coromandel. If you come into the store with an idea of what you want to use your board for and where you want to use it, it will make finding the right one easy.

3. Decide whether you want durability or performance

It is important to consider who is going to be using the board. Got young kids? Then a soft top or inflatable could be worth looking at. Will it just be yourself using it? Then a lighter more performance based board may be better suited.

4. Transport and storage

Make sure you have a good spot in the garage and a car with roof racks to transport your board around. Alternatively, inflatable boards roll up into a smallish bag and you can take them anywhere.

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